Dog day boarding

Our day boarding services are relaxing & comfortable places for your dog. Our kennels have sufficient space for different types of dogs in which they can adjust without trouble.

Separate rooms for every dog

If you think that your dog is aggressive and can indulge in fights, don't worry, as we have separate rooms for dogs.

Different meal choices

At home, you give your pet food as per their taste and nutritional value; at Tanishqpetworld, we only provide good quality and tasty meals to your pet.

Daily walking facility

For the dog's overall health, we take them to regular walks at least once a day and use a better harness, so they don't run away.

We will make

your pet happy

You know the joy of seeing your dog smile or when he is happy. We want to always keep the same cheerful, happy, and sweet faces regardless of their breed. The friendship between dogs and humans does not date back just a few years; rather, we have been in a relationship with them for many centuries, which is why they are dear to us. In order to make them happy, we ensure that they have all the amenities they need (free spaces, good food, toilets, loving and caring people, grooming, etc.).

We started pet hostle services at Tanishqpetworld by seeing the demand among pet owners to provide a great experience to pets and a sense of satisfaction to their owner that somebody is there for their dog who will keep them happy and safe in our absence. 

We will provide healthy dog food to your pet, keep them away from dust and allergies, and take care of them if they face any health issues. In addition to well-being, we provide separate rooms for each pet, different meal choices, daily walking facility, and a separate play area for various activities.



Play with the Ball

In our store, we have different sizes of play balls, so whether your pet is a puppy or a large one, they can get food as per their preference. Interactive games like these will promote their mental & physical growth.

Activity and Exercise

Activities & exercises we use for dogs help build strength and reduce obesity-related issues, plus it also boosts the immune system. These activities are for fun and keep your pet fit and active.

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