We care for your loving dog; that’s why our employees are very well-known for their dedication and passion for providing great support and help, whether it’s grooming, pet hostel, or pet food. Our employees are specialists in preventing the nervousness that you have while choosing any of our services and products. In case of any issues, you can reach out to us freely for help; we are here to listen to you!


A comfortable, noise-free, and clean environment is what your pet needs. To give a happy environment to your dog we occupied them with exercises, toys including restful places and highly nutritious food. We avoid all the hazardous things to keep them safe and such situations that make them aggressive. Our goal is to make them feel like their home.

High Quality & Budget-friendly

We are very well-known, reliable and trustworthy in terms of quality services at reasonable rates. You will get maximum in minimum charges for your pet with perfect timing schedules of eating food, exercises/playing, potty, and they will also learn how to behave with the help of our experts.

About us

At Tanishqpetworld, we stand upon the mission of serving pets irrespective of their breed, age, and conditions and treat them like our own family members. We understand how much you love your pet, that’s why we are providing all the necessary services that a pet owner needs for their dog. Our services are not only for your pet but also for you as we have a cafeteria so that not even one customer gets bored while we will serve their pet. You can enjoy your leisure time with snacks, coffee, and other pet owners.

Safe & Secure

We have created such an environment that will be supervised for your pet’s security. In addition to supervision, we teach them how to behave with other people and play, which involves a few tricks. Our pet world is designed in such a way that protects the pets from indulging in dangerous activities that could harm them, so be tension free while you hand over your pet to us.




We can keep

them happy

As a pet owner you know how it feels when your dog smiles or when they are full of happiness. Their cheerful, happy and sweet face is what we want to always keep irrespective of their breed. Dogs and humans’ relationship of friendship is not since a few years, rather our relationship with them is of many centuries, that’s why they are close to our hearts. We know how to make them happy by providing what they need everyday(free spaces, good food, bathroom facility, loving & caring people, grooming and so on.)

Activities and

Every pet owner cares for their dog’s health because of which you purchase different nutritious food items, bathing items, accessories and so on. Like in human beings life physical fitness plays a significant role in the same way your dog needs different activities and exercises. Tanishqpetworld have sufficient spaces to do all the interesting activities and exercises that will make your lovely dog happy, increase the cognition ability and help them to burn the additional calories as well. 

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